Healthy Parents

Healthy Parents

Raising kids can be exhausting but it is important not to lose sight of your own health and wellness. Exercise and good eating should be a top priority for yourself and not just your children. Your kids will benefit too –- you will be more energetic and will be a good role model.

Use these simple guidelines and tips to help you look and feel great.  Also check out our Home Spa Treatments.

Eating Well

  • Increase the number of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and reduce the amount of fats and sugars. Drink water to improve digestion and the health of your system.
  • Be conscious of portion size. As long as you eat moderately and indulge occasionally, there is room for nearly all foods in your diet.
  • Try to balance food intake with your activity level. To maintain your weight you should not eat more calories than you will burn.
  • Carry a healthy snack. Keep a piece of fruit or cut vegetables to curb your hunger. If you wait until you are starving to eat, you will be more inclined to reach for something unhealthy and high in fat.

Keeping Active

  • Take advantage of your baby’s naptime or a friend’s offer to baby-sit.
  • Go for a walk or a run with baby in the stroller. Walking is effective exercise and a great way to include your baby. Investing in a good stroller makes it easier to include your baby in a walking or running schedule.
  • As your child gets older, involve yourself in your child’s play and engage in more physical activity.
  • Sign up for a fitness class or take a walk with other moms. You will build social relations while toning your body.

A Fit Mind

  • Get organized! Arrange your house and office space so that you can be the most productive.
  • Make grocery lists and “to do” lists. Jot down reminders so you can concentrate on other things. Cross off your achievements each day.
  • Keep a monthly budget sheet. You can track what you spend on groceries and anything else that you purchase. Clip coupons when you can. Anything to save a little at the store!
  • Enjoy nature. Nothing can lift your spirits more than spending some time outdoors when there is nice weather.

A Caring Parent

  • Search for family-friendly events in your area.
  • Read to your children. This is an especially nice bed time routine to establish. Dedicate an hour before bed time to quiet time including reading and cuddling with your child.
  • Turn to parenting groups or friends with children for advice and support.
  • Remember to enjoy the time you have with your children. They are only young once!

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