Mellow out with Melons

Florida watermelons are grown in the western parts of the state – from north Collier County to Columbia County – watermelon from Florida is available from late March until mid-July. The peak production time is in May and early June. Watermelons will not ripen after they are picked, so it is important to select a ripe watermelon at the market. The exterior of a ripe watermelon should be smooth, waxy green, with or without stripes. They will keep in the refrigerator for no longer than a week; and should be refrigerated and covered with plastic wrap once cut.

Florida cantaloupe is harvested primarily from March through July, and is grown down the middle of the state and in the Panhandle. The orange flesh of a cantaloupe has a perfumery fragrance and a sweet taste. It’s texture is firm enough to hold it’s own in salads and other dishes, but is also easy to blend into smoothies and sorbets. No matter how you eat it, though, it is refreshing!

Look at these great melon recipes!

Melon Baby Food

Fun Florida Frosted Fruit

Rainbow Fruit Cones

Shredded Carrot and Watermelon Salad

Try this extravagant one!

Fresh From Florida Veg-a-Bird


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